Activity 1: Evaluate Educational Wikis & Participate in a Wiki DiscussionSteps:1. Locate an educational wiki (relevant to your content area if possible) There are a few below or you can perform a Google search.Examples: Mrs. Lower-

High School Wikis

Projects & Professional Development Wikis

More On Educational Wikis

2. Evaluate the wikis using the following criteria.a. What is the basic description of the wiki? (Include elements such as: grade level, subject area, or other educational purpose)b. Who is the intended audience (grade level/staff/parents)? What would they get out of viewing/using the wiki?c. How does the wiki accomplish something that only a wiki can accomplish? What other websites or media could be used to accomplish the same thing?d. How could you adapt this wiki for your own content/work?3. Click on the Discussion Tab above to post your evaluations in the discussion area.Be sure the subject post is titled, "Activity 1, Date, lastname, firstname"4. Time permitting, explore your classmates' evaluations of their chosen wiki. Reply to at least one. Try to provide one positive comment and ask 1 question that would help them to further evaluate the wiki.